1 - Self-portrait in Francis Bacon’s studio, London, 1997
''I went with her on that shoot [just months before she died in 1998]. This picture is one of my favorites. It’s got that eerie feeling. I remember thinking, God, it’s so stark in here, lit by that single bare lightbulb. You would imagine he would have had a lamp shade. But she really picked up the atmosphere.''
- Mary McCartney

2 - Linda, Paul, Mary
London, 1969

3 - Stella & Mary, West Indies, 1970s
''That was a fashion moment. When people ask me when I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer, I look at that picture and say, ''Pretty early, actually.'' It’s hilarious, the top and the veil.''
- Stella McCartney, on dressing up

4 - Stella McCartney
Stella, Sussex, 1981

5 - Paul, Mary, and Stella, Scotland, 1977
''It was lovely looking back on when the kids were tiny and the craziness of the ways we brought them up. It was fairly hippie; they didn’t have conventional kid things. Mary’s friends used to joke that she was a peace-convoy child. [But] they turned out great.''
- Paul McCartney, on raising the kids

6 - Paul, Stella, and James
Scotland, 1982

All photos are the property of Taschen/Linda McCartney.
Quotes & descriptions from Harper's Bazaar.

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