I have updated The Beatles' Children page. This page also includes The Beatle Girls' children. First photo is Olivia, Marjorie Bach (Barbara's sister), Gianni Gregorini (Barbara's son from her first marriage) & Barbara at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. Second photo is Francesca Gregorini, Barbara's daughter from her first marriage. Third photo is Ringo & Barbara's 1981 wedding with Lee Starkey (Ringo's daughter from his marriage to Maureen) & Francesca with her mom & famous step-dad. Fourth photo is actress Katie Scarfe, Jane's first child born in 1974.


Anonymous said...

Do you have others pictures of Maureen's second daughter??

Women Of The Beatles said...

You mean Augusta King Tigrett ? I have some (well they're not exactly mine hehe ;) but the recent ones are hard to find, because Augusta is a really private person (and that's understandable). Here is a link to what I have posted about Augusta : http://www.beatle-girls.com/search?q=augusta