Here is Cyn's current husband, Noel Charles. ''Following her split from Jim Christie, Julian Lennon treated Cynthia and her close friend Phyllis McKenzie to a Christmas (1999) holiday in Barbados. Cynthia wrote in her book, John : ''It was in Barbados that I met Noel Charles, a former nightclub owner and an old friend of Julian's. His easy wit and gregarious nature charmed me. Not in the least overawed by my past or my name, he had run nightclubs, mixed with celebrities and lived a vibrant, exciting life. We became good friends and eventually fell in love. And on June 7, 2002, I did something I had promised myself I would never do again : I got married - for the fourth and last time''. They live together on the island of Majorca in Spain (thanks to an anonymous reader for the info !).
(Source : The Cynthia Powell Lennon Yahoo ! Group).

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