Photos from The Ultimate Music Guide : Lennon (Uncut magazine).


laura linger said...

I believe every single word May Pang says about John. He was his happiest and most relaxed with May, I think. Bebe Buell, who was dating a number of rock stars in John and May's circle during "The Lost Weekend," says that May is telling the truth about their relationship, and that time wasn't really "lost" at all.

Women Of The Beatles said...

Did you read her books ? I want to read them (and should do so lol).

Dave said...

I read all her books. Each one tells a different story. In her first book Loving John she talks about how John beat her, how he was drunk many times not just the night of the troubador, how he tried to strangle her, and threw her into walls, and wanted to break up with her every other week. He left her in LA for a whole month when he went back to NY with Harry, and unknown to May was trying to reconcile with Yoko. Paul had talked to John in LA on behalf of Yoko and Paul told him he had to go back to NY to get her back. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1319101/Yoko-Ono-reveals-Paul-McCartney-saved-marriage-John-Lennon.html

May is unfortunately unable to get past his going back to Yoko so she is trying to put a spin on her time with John to make it look better then it was. The man was unhappy and miserable (his words) and althoght Yoko was no great catch he wanted to be with her more then May. Syhe needs to move on with her life. 35 years is too long.