Tatia Jayne Starkey, born on September 7, 1985 is Zak Starkey & Sarah Menikides' daughter. She is also the first Beatle grandchild & Ringo Starr's first grandchild. Maureen Cox, her grandmother, was in the United States and quickly flew over to England to see her first grandchild. While growing up in the country side of England, Tatia has studied flute and piano as well as guitar and drums and took ballet lessons. She was educated at a convent school. She enjoys riding horses. She attended her father's and grandfather's concerts. When she was 16, she joined the Narni Shakers dance group and in 2006, formed her own dance group, the Avant Gardens. Tatia plans to be a music presenter, starting with Ringo and Zak's friends in a showreel of interviews. In 2006, Zak and Sarah separated after 21 years of marriage but remain close and support their daughter's career. In 2008, she joined her father and his girlfriend in the Penqu!ns band, playing the bass, and she also played in the Belakiss band. Tatia uses the stage name Veronica Avant.

(Info is from The Beatles Children Website, run by Jeannette Caserta. Thank you !!)

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