DiBoLand gave me permission to post photos from his scrapbooks.
I don't read German but it's still fun to look at ! Thank you :)


Anonymous said...

First of all, many thanks for creating this page - I really love Jane Asher, and then for the Beatleschildren, I do love Lee.
Can I use Lee's scrapbooks for my fansite for her?
I found them smaller in DiBoLand but couldn't find a place to contact anybody, so I'm glad you have them larger!
By the way, my site is www.leestarkey.webs.com and also run the Lee Parkin starkey fansite on yahoo groups and a fan page for her at facebook.

Violet :)

Stephanie said...

Hello Violet !

A Lee fan that's so cool :)
Well, since DiBoLand gave me permission to use them without even me asking, I'd say there's a good chance you can use them ! But then again, I'm not DiBoLand. If you credit him/her, I'm pretty sure he'll (she) be okay with it, most people would be.

Hope this helps :S


Stephanie said...

And thanks for all the kind words :) I really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome darling!

And thanks!! I'll give the correct credit, don't worry!! ;)

Violet xoxoxox