Happy birthday Julian Lennon :)

John Charles Julian Lennon (born April 8, 1963) is an English musician, songwriter, actor, and photographer. He was named John after his father & in honor of Charles Powell, his maternal grandfather, who died when Cynthia, his mom was a teenager (so he never knew him). He is the only son of John Lennon and Cynthia Powell¸ John Lennon’s first wife & high school sweetheart. The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein was his godfather, but he overdosed in 1967, when Julian was only 4. He has a younger half-brother, Sean Ono Lennon, son of John & John’s second wife, Japanese artist Yoko Ono. He was named after his paternal grandmother, Julia Lennon, who died by being hit by a car after spending some time at Mimi’s, John’s aunt & tutor. He is friends with his father’s former bandmate, Paul McCartney (he is shown on several pictures with him) and often stated that Paul had been more of a father to him than John had ever been. Julian Lennon was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Initially, the fact that John Lennon was married and had a child was concealed from the public, in keeping with the conventional wisdom of the era that female teenage fans would not be as enamoured of married male pop stars. That’s why Cynthia, his mother, remained a secret to the public and stayed almost alone, caring for her baby. However, when the British media discovered that John Lennon was a married father, his popularity remained very high & Cyn & Jules were included in that popularity. Lennon directly inspired one of his father’s most famous songs, ''Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'', whose lyrics describe a picture the boy had drawn, a watercolour painting of his friend Lucy O’Donnell from preschool) surrounded by stars. When he was five, Lennon’s parents divorced, following his father’s infidelity with Yoko Ono. Paul McCartney wrote “Hey Jude” to console him over the divorce; originally called “Hey Jules”, McCartney changed the name because he thought “Jude” was an easier name to sing. At first, John originally thought the song was for him… Lennon had almost no contact with his father after the divorce, until the early 1970s, at the instigation of his father’s then girlfriend May Pang (who became a great friend of Cynthia). Julian began to see his father more regularly, who bought him a Gibson Les Paul guitar and a drum machine for Christmas in 1973, and encouraged his interest in music by showing him some chords.He made his musical debut at age 11 on his father’s album Walls and Bridges playing drums on ''Ya-Ya'', later saying, ''Dad, had I known you were going to put it on the album, I would’ve played much better!”He was not included in John Lennon’s will, and was annoyed that he had to buy mementos of his father at auctions. Yoko gave him some commercial stuff, like cups & gave him worthless guitars that belonged to his father. A settlement was eventually reached wherein Julian was given ''a large but undisclosed sum''. By 2009 Lennon’s feelings toward his father had mellowed. Recalling his renewed relationship with his father in the mid-1970s, he said,”Dad and I got on a great deal better then. We had a lot of fun, laughed a lot and had a great time in general when he was with May Pang. My memories of that time with Dad and May are very clear—they were the happiest time I can remember with them.'' Lennon has been quoted as having a ''cordial'' relationship with Ono while getting along very well with her son, his half-brother Sean, even spending time together on Sean’s tour in 2007.

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