Vote for your favorite look !

1 - 1969, Nice
2 - 1968, Cannes
3 - 1968, Liverpool
4 - 1968, Around the World in 80 Days
5 - 1967, Coming back home
6 - 1968, Premiere - Yellow Submarine
7 - 1967, Brian Epstein's Farewell


Julia said...

Number 5, I think. But I did like number two as well.

Anonymous said...

I have always ADORED Maureen in Cannes 1968!!!

Anonymous said...

I love her look at the 'Around the World in 80 Days' premiere. I really like the dress and the hair is so cute! My second favorite would be the Cannes look w/ the long black hair and cute outfit with the waist-belt and mini-skirt

Kaitlyn said...

2, for sure. I love her when she was blonde, and that dress is absolutely fab!

Anonymous said...

i love her so much

Rhiannon said...

#2 and 3, she always looked so pretty

Anonymous said...

I love her outfit in #2. I always have. She looks adorable. However, I also really like the outfit she wore in #7 to Brian's farewell. If I could find a dress like that nowadays, I'd wear it all the time. Classic.

blah said...

I've always loved Maureen's fashion and I have to say that I just ADORE her dress at the Around the World premiere. I love her look in the last two pictures as well-very classy.