1967, Arriving at the How I Won The War premiere.
Photos from the Lady Jane Yahoo ! Group.
 The truth about the Beatles' Girls : Cynthia & Jane. From Loufar4 (Ebay).
Photo from the McCartney Photo Blog


January 21, 1966. Wedding. Scan from Alright George ! (Tumblr)


1970, Deep End. From Ebay.
European magazine. From Ebay.
Cynthia's book, A Twist Of Lennon. From Ebay.
McCall's magazine. From Ebay.
Photos from RGilbert15 (Ebay). Life magazine.


 Photos from The Ultimate Music Guide : Lennon (Uncut magazine).
Photos from The Ultimate Music Guide : Lennon (Uncut magazine)
 Montage from KLaineCannotDraw (Tumblr)
 Article from the Daily Mail
By Liz Thomas
Photos from Rex Features & The Daily Mail

It was the one of the most extraordinary love triangles in British music history, almost destroying the friendship of two music legends. Now Patti Boyd has revealed that despite the heartbreak she caused George Harrison by leaving him for close friend Eric Clapton – he sent them a note to let them know all was forgiven. One of the original 1960s ‘It Girls’, she was photographed by David Bailey and Terence Donovan and was a regular cover girl for Vogue. Her beauty and style caught the attention of Harrison – who she wed in 1966 aged just 21 – and prompted him to pen love song Something for her. But Clapton also fell for her charms famously writing Layla – a song about unrequited love – about Miss Boyd when she was still married to his friend. Miss Boyd said she felt ‘neglected’ by Harrison when she left him after eight years of marriage but also tremendous guilt for walking out.Now 67, she has revealed that she recently rediscovered a message sent to her by the Beatle to clear the air. Harrison wrote the note while he was on tour in 1976 – some two years after their relationship broke down. It said: ‘E+P God Bless Us All, love from G.’ Miss Boyd told the Sunday Times Magazine: ‘George’s note was like a forgiveness. It meant a lot to me. I didn’t feel great about leaving him and it showed me he was happy.’ ‘It was as if the hurt had finally been accepted and healed.’ The couple split after ten years and she now claims that Harrison was her soul mate. ‘He always said, if I changed my mind, I could go back’. Miss Boyd admitted she did think about returning to Harrison during her marriage to Clapton, who was an alcoholic, but claimed the singer was too possessive. Miss Boyd, who is now single and lives in West Sussex, said she would consider marrying again. She explained: ‘If a real man, a caring man appeared, I may think twice. There are few around. The nicest are married.’ Miss Boyd has published the note with a reissue of her memoir Wonderful Tonight.
Jane & her baby (I don't know if it's Katie, Alexander or Rory).
Published by S-Express on November 8, 2009.
According to the magazine, this is Jane's favorite photograph.
1967,  Saville Theatre. First photo from Beatle Photo Blog.
Second photo I've found on Tumblr.
Astrid Kirchherr & Brian Epstein, two mentors for the Beatles.
Photo from Philip Norman's book, John Lennon : The Life.
Photos from Beatle Photo Blog. Thanks Tammy !
July 1968, Opening of Jenny & Pattie's Chelsea shop, Juniper.
Photo from Beatle Photo Blog.
All photos are from Ebay. First photo & last photo are from the 70s, second photo is from 1984, and third one (with Keith Moon) from 1976.