1970 German article about Cyn after she married second husband, restaurateur-hotelier Roberto Bassanini. Here is the translation :

When John Lennon’s divorce of his wife, Cynthia Lennon, was legalized, He had little compassion for her. What was she to be without this famous John? Hardly more than a broken heart in mourning. But, anyone who imagines the life of Cynthia Lennon so bleak would do well to rethink quickly. Cynthia is not on the sidelines. Rather she has found a devoted companion and a fresh start. The lucky man is Roberto Bassanini, son of Italian Hotel-owners. Not only does Cynthia behave politely, but she is anything but insulted. Though a massive adjustment, she does not think of her ex-husband as evil even though the divorce has brought her a number of inconveniences (less money, less fame, etc) If you ask her why she feels so reconciled she shrugs her shoulders and smiles. John and her were just different people, the separation was merely a logical outcome, and she doesn’t want to go against fate. Moreover, she still has Julian, her son, whom she loves with every fiber of her heart. Given this gift, she can do the impossible. John and Cynthia have recently moved into new homes, Cynthia’s a little more meager than the pop star’s. Between Roberto and sweet Julian there is reason for Cynthia to be happy again.

Article & translation by Cynthia Powell Lennon & Martha-Saurus 

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