Here are some pictures that I have never seen before or that were not posted entirely. 
Unfortunately, there's a lot of annoying marks... 
All info regarding the photos is from the Tribute to Maureen Starr group (x)

1- Feb. 17, 1966 - Ringo and Maureen with John and Cynthia Lennon by the buffet table at the Savile Theatre after watching Brian Epstein's directorial debut at the New Arts Theatre.

2- September 11, 1972 - Ringo and Maureen at Heathrow Airport departing for New York.

3- January 12th to 23rd, 1966 - The Lennons & the Starkeys spent some days in Trinidad & Tobago for a Holiday.

4- May 10, 1969 - Maureen attends the premiere of 'Oh, What A Lovely War' at the Pavillion Theatre with husband Richard.

5- May 1970 - Maureen and Ringo at the Cannes Film Festival where they were guests of honor at the screening of Woodstock.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever seen photos of the event in the first pic. And I love the third pic!

Anonymous said...

The watermarks are annoying, but man, I LOVE seeing new photos of them! More need to turn up of Cyn and Mo! They were both such dolls and the camera loved them!