September 9, 1985 - Ringo Starr's teenage son Zak, proudly showed off his new baby daughter to the whole of the Starr family yesterday. Ringo has already seen the tot that makes him the first Beatle to be a granddad. But he and his wife Barbara Bach could not resist a second visit yesterday to see two-day-old Tatia Jayne, the baby he describes as “a little beauty.” His ex-wife Maureen - Zak's mother - had to fly from America to meet the new arrival. And it was love at first sight.“Being a grandmother is very exciting” she said. Maureen was in New York when the news came through that she was a granny. She cut short her visit and flew 3,000 miles home to see Tatia Jayne and Zak’s wife Sarah, 25, in hospital. Maureen also brought along her two other children from her nine-year-old (sic - ten year) marriage to Ringo: Jason, 18, and 14-year-old Lee. They were thrilled as Zak, 19 - who uses his father's real name of Starkey - introduced them to their niece.

Article & photo from the Maureen Starkey Yahoo Group.


Anonymous said...

Zak was married to a 25-year-old when he was 19? LOL

Women Of The Beatles said...

Lol I didn't even notice ! I have to admit it's a bit strange !