13 Emperor's Gate, 
Brompton, Knightsbridge, London
November 1963 - July 1964

John and Cynthia lived in the 4th floor flat for around 9 months before buying Kenwood. They lived there under the name "Hadley", hoping that it would get some fans off their backs (the mesure was unsuccessful as the fans soon found out Hadley was in fact Lennon). Robert Freeman, The Beatles' most favoured photographer from 1963 to 1966, and his wife helped John and Cyn get the apartment and lived right below them on the 3rd floor. Fans gathered around the front entrance, day or night. 

“We have a flat [in Earls Court] but you should see the outside of the house. It’s been scrawled on by people with messages that can’t be removed. They’re engraved. I know you expect people to find out where we’re living, but it’s a strange thing to want to do, unless they are really young kids. It’s rather hard.” - Cynthia Lennon (1964)

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