George, John, Iris Caldwell, Pete & Rory (Storm) with friends.

''Iris found her first boyfriend when she was twelve, in a fourteen year old lad called George Harrison. Her mother Vi recalled "George used to come and watch TV three times a week. He and Iris used to sit there holding hands. It was the first time either of them had ever taken any interest in someone of the opposite sex. At Iris' fourteenth birthday party, I remember George turned up in a brand new Italian-style suit covered with buttons. As in most teenage parties, they kept on playing kissing games and somehow or other, George and Iris always ended up together."

George definitely saw her as his first girlfriend, but was unsure how she saw the relationship. "My first girlfriend was Rory Storm's sister, Iris Caldwell. She was really nice and had cotton wool in her bra. She probably didn't ever think she was my girlfriend. You never know when you're young; you just fancy somebody, or someone's in the same room as you, and you end up thinking they're your girlfriend. ...I'd met Iris a couple of times and went round to her house and hung out. They had a little basement that they were trying to turn into a coffee club. That seemed to be the craze in the Fifties." She also dated Paul McCartney in 1961, aged 17.

Sources : Beatles' Wives & Girls (photos) & It's Only Love (info)


Lynn said...

Sorry, but that is not the beautiful Iris Caldwell.

Anonymous said...

I think that's's wife Joan. Sam Leach