This is a very sad day for us Beatle girls fans,
Cynthia passed away today (April 1st), after a short battle with cancer.
She was 75. Julian was at her side. 

Here is the official statement : "Cynthia Lennon passed away today at her home in Mallorca, Spain following a short but brave battle with cancer. Her son Julian Lennon was at her bedside throughout. The family are thankful for your prayers. Please respect their privacy at this difficult time".

Julian posted this video tribute :

I'm really speechless. I never thought she would leave us so soon... May she rest in peace, beautiful soul. She's with her husband Noel now, her friend Mo, and with John... 


1969, Arriving at court for their pot bust


The lovely Jane Asher


"I sent this photograph to Mrs. Louise Harrison (George’s mother), and she, her husband Harold, son George, and daughter-in-law Pattie all signed them, and then Mrs. Harrison sent the photo back to me."  
- A fan
Pattie Boyd, Newcastle, 1965 


Julian, Cynthia and Aunt Mimi taken by Dot Jarlett whilst playing at the park and at their home “Kenwood” - Originally found by BeatlesWives&Girls, edited by me