December 21st, 1967 - The Beatles threw a fancy dress party for the crew of their new film Magical Mystery Tour plus their family and friends at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, the film was to be shown in television during Christmas. 

Maureen was dressed as an Indian sqwaw, Ringo as a circus ringmaster, John Lennon as a teddy boy, and Paul and Jane as the pearly king and the peary queen. Cynthia dressed as a fairy princess in a long flowing gown (but unfortunately no pictures of her have been published from the occasion), and Pattie and George were late (if I’m not wrong). Also attended Peter Asher and Betsy Doster.

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Pattie modeling - From a 1966 magazine from Uruguay


February 1965, Honeymoon


1969, Savile Row. 


1967, From Mademoiselle Âge Tendre.
They were sooo cute :)


1968, Pattie, Twiggy & Justin de Villeneuve in Greece.


1966 french article about John, Cyn, Ringo & Mo's trip to Trinidad & Tobago