Jane in ‘Deep End’ (1970)


February 12, 1965 - Newlywed Maureen in East Sussex, during her honeymoon

February 12, 1965 - New pics of Maureen & Ringo during their honeymoon

 Photos shared by Isaac Tigrett on his Facebook fanpage
Augusta King Tigrett is Maureen & Isaac Tigrett's daughter.
Maureen already had a daughter from her previous marriage to Ringo, Lee Parkin Starkey.
Augusta was born on Sunday, January 4th, 1987 in Dallas, Texas.
She was six-and-a-half-pound blond baby.
She was named after her paternal great-grandfather, Augustus King Tigrett,
who invented the first diesel engine railroad.

Photos shared by Isaac Tigrett on his Facebook fanpage
 1987, Maureen, her daughter Augusta (b. January 4, 1987) and a nanny (?)
The gray-haired lady in the middle pic is Isaac Tigrett's mother, Frances.
Photos shared by Isaac Tigrett on his Facebook fanpage


Original Keystone caption : “March 1st, 1973 - Former Beatle Ringo Starr and his wife Maureen pictured at Heathrow yesterday before leaving for New York - both wearing astrakhan coats. 
Ringo is to discuss a new album”