Helen Mary "Jenny" Boyd arriving in style at court.
"August 7, 1967 - Jenny Boyd & George, photographed in a Haight-Ashbury shop by Joe Ketola. George & Pattie along with Jenny, Alex, Derek Taylor & Neil Aspinall enjoyed a brief shopping tour together. Jenny had been living in San Francisco working as a model (mostly for Brides magazine) and decided to move back to England at this time". From Something about Pattie Boyd yahoo! group.
Pattie modeling a nightgown.


It's the McCartneys!
Rare 1996 japanese magazine.
1971. Can you spot Ringo & Maureen's signatures?
July 6, 1964 - John and Cynthia arriving at London’s Pavilion Theatre for the premiere of the Beatles’ first film, A Hard Day’s Night. From Cynthia Lennon yahoo! group.
“I was crying because the incident seemed symbolic of what was happening to my marriage. John was on the train, speeding into the future, and I was left behind. As I stood there, watching the train disappear into the distance, I felt certain that the loneliness I was experiencing on that platform would become permanent one day”.

- Cynthia Lennon, talking about how she felt when she was left behind after missing a train to Bangor, Wales (p.263-264 of her book, John)


November 2011. "In celebration of an innovative collaboration between Roots Canada and Travel Alberta, Roots put on a great evening at the Beverly Hills store last night that attracted leading figures from the world of entertainment". Augusta King Tigrett is seen here with Alexandra ''Alex'' Budman. Her godfather, actor Dan Aykroyd, and his wife were also present at the soirée.

Aww she's so beautiful! Maureen would have been so proud...
Maureen photographed by Robert Freeman. This is my favorite photo of her.


Beautiful Cyn
Isn't this cool? Someone on Tumblr made it! :)
Jane & her husband, illustrator/cartoonist Gerald Scarfe.


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1969, Paparazzi photo of Maureen, the cowgirl and her husband Ringo Starr. From Flickr.
Pattie being very beautiful, as usual. From Alright George!
March 1968, Jane Asher on the cover of german magazine Pop.
September 1966 - Pattie and George in Indian dress posing in Bombay in front of large bells. Tiny photo from Ravi Shankar's book, Raga Mala. From Something About Pattie Boyd yahoo! group.
May 1964, Pattie swimming in the ocean in Tahiti. From Something about Pattie Boyd yahoo! group.
Photo from CultQueens.
You, Me & Banjo


February 12 1965, A honeymoon full of photographers!
Scan from Canefaitrien0.
Summer of love 1967, A very pregnant Maureen enjoys a tender moment with her little family.
Scan from Canefaitrien0.
1980, Life magazine. Wedding.
Life magazine article. 1980, Ringo weds his second wife, actress Barbara Bach


All Hail Maureen the Queen :)
Centerfold of a 1970 turkish magazine.
1980, Dhani, alongside his mother and father, arrive at Heathrow from Los Angeles in 1980. The family lived in Henley-on Thames.

1967, in Bangor, Wales
1965, A pregnant Mo accompanies her famous Beatle husband, drummer Ringo Starr to the premiere of Help!


Pattie Boyd posing in front of Kinfauns, her house with George. Photo by Robert Whitaker.
Scan from AlrightGeorge. Edited by me.


Portrait of the group in Bangor, Wales by Henry Grossman.
Scan from AlrightGeorge. Edited by me.
February 12, 1965. Ringo & Maureen on honeymoon. From BeatleBits.


Linda McCartney's High School yearbook. (x)
Linda with baby James in the late 70s. (x)
1969, Maureen & Ringo in a car, in NYC. The couple was in town with their two boys, Zak & Jason and arrived by boat on the QE2.
1970s, Barbara Bach on the cover of Romantic love: Make up your mind Petra.
Jane & Mister Pauly attend the premiere of Alfie in 1965. From Fabulous magazine.