1966 Mary Quant Photoshoot

1966, I LOVE MARY QUANT ! Enjoy :)


premierludwig said...

this particular photoshoot is truly the very est of Mary Quant's creations and I'd give any of them wardrobe space... but as a whole she doesn't compare to the likes of Foale & Tuffin, Biba, etc.

She's just the most well known and accessible for those of us who missed the 60s I think. ...come and join the 60s vintage elite and check out the other designers. I swear you'll love them even more than Quant. ;)

And you're welcome re the link on Little Willow BTW. :)

womenofthebeatles said...

Yes I would absolutely love that ! But where is this group ? lol Can you give me the url please :) ?