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(Photo from 1985 with their collection of music memorabilia). I just finished reading ''Miss O'Dell'' from Chris O'Dell but still a question was bugging me (about the Maureen/Isaac relationship) so I asked the lovely Chris O'Dell and she replied :

Dear Chris, I finished reading your book yesterday but a question is still bugging me. It's about Maureen, of course :) You say that Maureen wanted property, jewels, money, etc. Do you think she was ever really in love with Isaac or did she spend the rest of her life waiting for Richie ? Was she only attracted to Isaac at first because of his money and then she fell in love with him ? I know you said you didn't like him very much, even though he was at your wedding. If you cannot answer, that's okay. I really enjoyed the book and was especially happy with all the Pattie and Maureen parts :)

Reply :
Hi Stephanie, Truthfully, I know Ringo was the love of her life. I think she adored Isaac. But he also offered her a lot of security at a time that she didn't have it - the years after the divorce. Thanks for letting me know that you read the book. You're fab. Chris

What do you think ? Was Ringo her true love ? I do think so...even though Isaac was really there for her in her later life.

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Tammy said...

Hi, i think Rich was the true love of her life, i'm only understanding that concept myself, you only get one 'true love' .. and thats if you're lucky to even get that, i think it's telling that Ritchie was at her bedside when she passed away, say's a lot at what a great woman Barbara is as well.