London Meditation

August 31st-September 1st 1967, Meditation lecture by Maharishi. Sorry, I posted some similar to this and said it was in Bangor, Wales but it wasn't, it's actually in London :S. Thanks to Senti yet again.


Queen Jane said...

Mo is so gorgeous - she really was fantastic. I always squeal inside when I see photos from this occasion because her and George are sitting so close together. Only a few years later when her marriage to Ringo ended would they have an affair... SEXUAL TENSION!!

womenofthebeatles said...

I know !! That's what I think every time. She always denied that her relationship with George was sexual but others said : with George, how could it be NOT sexual ? lolll

Queen Jane said...

i know - just LOOK at him! i firmly believe that she did have an affair with george because both pattie's book and cyn lennon's book "john" pretty much cop up to the fact that after things went sour with ringo, maureen turned to george. obviously cyn paints the relationship in a more sympathetic light because she was a good friend of maureen's and it wasn't HER husband. pattie was less than happy about it though.
But honestly, i do not blame maureen for getting with george. i actually sort of suprised she held out for as long as she did. because if i were her or jane/cyn/any other beatlegirls, i definitely would've tried to seduce him.