- Pattie Boyd
- Maureen Cox
- Cynthia Powell
- Jane Asher
- Yoko Ono
- Linda Eastman
- Olivia Arias
- Barbara Bach


charly said...

well, nº1 : Pattie. Always
Then, I like Cynthia and Linda. ^^

Mariana said...

Linda, because she was always there for Paul. She saved Paul from depression after the Beatles broke up. Everyone who met her says that she was the nicest lady, very loving and caring. She was also a great photographer and I admire her support of animal's cause.

Anonymous said...

Dare I say it: you forgot Heather Mills! I know she's not the favorite of anybodys but there's no ignoring the fact that she and Paul were married. I do give Heather a little credit: she did help Paul move on with his life after Linda's death and there's Beatrice, their adorable little daughter.

Anyway, my favorite is Cynthia. Her marriage to John gets often spit at as a conveinence due to the "fact" they only married because she was pregnant with Julian. It's a shame. Cynthia was, and still is, a very beautiful lady and she and John were together 4 years before they got married so he was with her so much more then just a pregnancy!

I can not stand Yoko. In fact, I would much prefer to hang out with Heather Mills then Yoko! One second with her and it'll be over.

breedofrandy said...

Maureen Cox-Starkey is my favorite Beatle girl. I just admire her a lot. I love her style and her presence always get to me. I wish I could know more about her she seemed a very down to earth and friendly person who would be easy to talk to. I think she took on a great amount of responsibility at a very young age and I really admire her for that.
Long Answer. :P

Anonymous said...

Mo is my absolute favorite Beatle girl. Not only was extremely gorgeous and stylish, but something about her has always stood out to me. She's very captivating. I wish I could have met her.

Sol said...

Maureen!!! ^^ she is lovely ^^

gloria said...

because she is adorable
and she was with my favorite beatle
and she has the best style
and i love her book and photography

AND i've given you an award bc i love your blog! check out my post to see what to do!

honeyboney said...

eventhough i don´t know why, i´d say cynthia. i just sympathise with her the most. she´s genuine and sweet, she the one i´d want to be close friends with.
then comes pattie. i´d be too intimidated to be friends with her but i admire her for being so radiating. and she´s my fashion inspiration. pattie led me to a lot of things on my journey through the 60s.
jane and mo... i don´t know... both beautiful, both cute, both sorta mysterious. just not my favs.
then i like may even if you didn´t list her. and olivia. she seems to be very warm.

Anonymous said...

Mary "Maureen" Cox Starkey Tigrett is my favorite Beatle Girl. She has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen! She also seemed to be very down to earth and not afraid to be herself. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

two answers for two different reasons :

PATTIE - she's absolutely beautiful, seems like a wonderful, down-to-earth person, never full of herself, and has endured such painful yet wonderful experiences throughout her life and has handled them with grace...she's wonderful

LINDA - she was exactly what paul needed. she never left his side, supported all that he did, seemed like a very loving and hands-on mother and wife, got paul out of his post-beatle slump, took criticism for joining wings and never let it publicly phase her, practiced what she believed in through animal rights and vegetarianism, and managed to keep her family and herself so seemingly "normal" and down-to-earth throughout such incredible fame....i have always admired her and paul for that!

Queen Jane said...

Is it nerdy to say I love them all? I'm not lying - I literally love all of these women. Each have admirable strength and beauty (inner and outer), and I can't help but love them all!!

I worship Pattie for her style and grace (my blog at it's start was almost an ode to her), and her experiences in life and love have made her the ultimate surviver.

Maureen always seemed funny, honest, and kind. She was definitely stylish - the most badass of all the Beatle Girls. I loved how Chris O'Dell's book described her as the charming and real person I always hoped she was.

Cynthia is a woman of quiet grace. I loved her memoir "John" because she clearly showed how much genuine love she had and still has for John, and the heartbreaking affection she has for Julian. She would literally die for him.

Jane is gorgeous, sophisticated, and a wonderful actress. I recently watched "Deep End" and it was a great chance to see her shine onscreen as a femme fatale, a type so unlike her demure English Rose persona. Though I would love to her publish her personal memoirs, I admire that she believes in privacy and keeping her memories for her self.

I admire Linda's photography (as an aspiring photographer myself) and her down-to-earth nature that helped Paul get back on his feet again after the Beatles split, and led to one of the happiest marriages in music history. Despite how much I love Jane and think she was perfect with Paul, I think that Linda was his true soulmate - she knew how to keep him grounded and sane. And I think it is so romantic that the longest time they ever spent apart was during Paul's time in a Japanese jail in the 1980s - it was the first time they ever spent the night apart.

There's a little part of me that likes Yoko. Sure she was a bit wacky and I don't quite understand her art, but I can't help reading some of her Twitter posts and smiling. She is a firm believer in world peace and love - one of the few of us left.

After George's marriage to Pattie, which was tumultuous with affairs, drug use, partying, and infertility, his marriage to Olivia was the perfect antidote. She was a down-to-earth girl from California, the perfect balance for the former Beatle from Liverpool. She met his every need - intellectually, spiritually, emotionally. Together they had a blissful marriage and a beautiful son. To watch her now, her love for George is so obviously undying - she still speaks of him in the present, and believes their love can live on.

Barbara is probably the Beatle girl I know the least, but I like her all the same. I mean, she's married to Ringo - the one Beatle that no one ever got mad at or anything - so she's got to have done something right. She was able to help Ringo fight his addictions to drug and drink. AND she's a Bond girl, which is something I admit to wanting to be when I was a little girl.

Queen Jane said...

I am a NERD - that was a very long post I just made, but I think it was worthy of your answer :) :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha great post Queen Jane !! Very interesting to read and, I have to say, one I think most Beatle fans would agree with!

Eigenartig. said...

jane of course
she has the same hair color like me..and i love it. and she was married to my favourite beatle paul (:
and pattie..she was so adorable

claudia antunes said...

Parce que Pattie Boyd c'est plus belle, elle a un corp marveilleuse et la femme de George Harrison, le beatle qui j'aime toujours.

Anonymous said...

I think it's Linda. It's a very elegant woman. I love her photos, and I think she was a really good mother. She played lovely music with Paul. When she knew that she had a cancer, they went to Arizona, because it was the place in the world that Linda prefered. It's so wonderful. And Paul is my favorite... But I like George and Pattie, they are so lovely

Anonymous said...

Yoko Ono... she is perfect!!!

wee said...

Olivia!!! After the whole Pattie-Eric Clapton episode and the drugs and all the mess, she was the one who gave him a calmer life....and she stayed with till the end. Plus she gave the world a George replica - Dhani Harrison. Need I say more?? (Love your blog btw I just discovered it!)

.::ȴσʁε::. said...

My favorite is Pattie. I love her style!!!...
Then, I like Jane, because of her style too

Anonymous said...


I love her!! She was the perfect wife for George.She made him really happy with a normal life and a lot of love!
She is a fantastic mom too.

Anonymous said...

My Fav is yoko.
she made john happier than any woman could.
she really belive in peace & love, her words makes me smile (:
and she make me think that 'i don't need to be really pretty for someone can (really) love me (very much)'

also, I love her style! her clotes rule!

Anonymous said...

Don't hate me for what I'm gonna sayin'... I personally think the best Beatle-girl is Yoko. Ok, she's not beautiful, and hasn't got any particular talent, but... John loved her for what she was, just as she was. Although they had argued sometimes (just as the Lost Weekend year), John&Yoko had always loved each other. And Yoko still loves John a lot. Together, they did a lot for world peace.
And... I look a lot like Yoko (everybody tells me so), so I think that's another reason for liking her xD
I also love Lind, but probabily because she was Paul's, my favourite Beatle, wife u.u

Maureen Super-Supreme said...

I think Maureen Cox and Cynthia Lennon were beautiful girls and I really admire them. Especially Maureen, with her confident and crazy style! XD But my favorite is definitely Linda. Linda was made for Paul, and it's a real shame she died. A real shame. I actually think that Linda's a very beautiful woman, also. Linda is Paul's perfect woman, both sharing a life full of the things that they love! RIP Linda, RIP Maureen, Long Live Cyn and Paul!

Anonymous said...

I started to really like maureen because of her passion for Ringo and she is unic because of her honest.Well I didnt meet her but I read about her in cynthia´s book so i kind like her mind.
Yoko was perfect to john and I really love her mentallity about the world at all.
Cynthia even after the john´s death, said that she still loved him not just as a person but as a husband ,as a love in her life
Jane Asher was completly real,she was not worried about his money ,if she was ,she would´nt broke up with him at the day before the married when she saw he with another woman.
Pattie was the loveliest person in the world
Olivia semmed like the woman made for george,because when dhe talk about him is real and very emotional
Linda was the paul´s love ,was like john for yoko,just the same thing
barbarah is the one that is not alone and not dead she is the only beatle girls one that is not lonely,she is the lucky one

Anonymous said...

I like of the women.
Both beautiful and smart in their own ways and its shown by their husbands.
They are my inspiration that if i get a boyfriend or a husband is by,
stay by your husband.
lmfao always look good for him
and dont ever forget about him.