1967, Bangor, Wales - Meditation. So I redid the entire picture out of a ''Teen Life'' magazine cover. I really like it cause they're all smiling :) I put a tag on it cause I'm SO tired of people taking all my stuff and never crediting my blog for it. I'm really happy that people like the things I post but they could at least credit my blog from time to time cause I work hard on it.


Anonymous said...

They don't need to credit you unless you actually own the rights to the picture. Or maybe if you scanned rare photos from expensive books or sixties magazines that you've actually bought. Besides, most of these pictures are from yahoo groups.

Women Of The Beatles said...

This is not what I meant. I see other blogs who are almost a copy-paste of mine, that's what I was talking about. Besides, most of the pictures I post here are not from YahooGroups.