This one is always so small, I'm glad to have it in large size now ! My scan from The Beatle Files by Andy Davis

Caption : Ringo and his new bride Maureen Cox hold a press conference on February 12, at their seaside honeymoon home at 2 Prince's Crescent, Hove, East Sussex, a house owned by The Beatles' attorney David Jacobs. The couple were married the previous day at Caxton Hall Register Office in London - at 8.00 am to avoid the fans.


breedofrandy said...

I'm a Maureen lover myself. I have a blog dedicated to her and I get many of my pictures from you, I decided to post a link to your blog on my page because you do deserve credit for the pictures you find. I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you do because I love finding new photos on here they brighten up my day! I'm sorry if I've ever made you upset I never meant to do so. Keep up the great work. :)

Women Of The Beatles said...

Thank you very much ! :) This is deeply appreciated. I love all of your tumblrs !!