CiaoVogue is a dream. It focuses on scans from UK and US Vogue during the 60s. I have posted several ones from Jane Asher, Pattie Boyd and Barbara Bach. Like me, if you love 60s fashion, that blog is a treat. The scans are high quality of course and Freya, the admin, is a doll. I don't get how come she doesn't have like 3839585 followers. Go check it out absolutely, it's a must.
MeetTheBeatles You guys must already know this one, right ? Ms.Sara aka Starshyne focuses mostly on fan photos of the Beatles, so prepare yourself for some rare stuff. She occasionally posts some BeatleGirls photos so I grab something here and there. She is a die hard Beatle fan and it shows in the quality of her blog. Lots of fans stories are posted too, which is really nice. Sara's very accessible and gentle with everyone. Be sure to check this one out too if it's not already done, you will absolutely love it.
JaneAsherPhotoBlog Jane afficionados will love this one. The admin only posts photos of the beautiful 60s actress, so check it out !
BeatlePhotoBlog Used to be on Blogger, now she is on her own. Her blog regorges of photos of the Beatles. She has a great collection of photos and decided to share it with us. It is a known resource between Beatle bloggers.
ChildOfTheMoon Now everyone knows this one. This girl blogs about everything vintage-y from the Beatle girls, 60s movies, Bond babes to Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. Her scans from various books are wonderful. A marvel for the eye.
SwingingHoneyPie A very cute blog which should be updated waaaay more often. She often says her blog is lame, but trust me it is far from being lame. She blogs about pretty much everything, is so nice and loves Cyn :)
FuckYeahBeatleWives A nice little tumblr where lots of pics that are posted here are reposted. If you love the wives, you will surely love this one :)
RingoLove The Ringo lover in you will definitely appreciate this one ! Blogs about her personal life, The Beatles, The Wives, Maureen, Ringo, etc :)
MaureenLove Everyone knows Maureen is my favorite, so how could I not go on this tumblr ? Photos from here are often reblogged there.
DollyRockerGirl She says that she is a flower girl born 40 years too late, and it shows on her blog : she love all 60s things. She loves doing collages (the wives are featured :). A must read.

The Yahoo Groups
- Forever Pattie Boyd (Pattie Clapton to now era)
- PattieBoydSixtiesStyle (Focuses on Pattie's modeling career)
- Something About Pattie Boyd (Childhood and Pattie Harrison era)


Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing my blog on your site:))

Freya said...

Awwww, you're a doll too! I love your site and I love that people are finally recognising the Beatles wives for the great personalities they were/are!

Freya said...

Ooh and btw, have you Miss O Dell? It's a memoir of the 60s/70s and the author was great friends with Maureen/Mo!