December 30th

August 4th 1946 - December 30th 1994

Maureen would be 64 years old today, just like Marianne Faithfull who celebrated her birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday Marianne !). God chose to take away her life at age 48. Maureen died of leukemia, despite a bone marrow transplant from her eldest, drummer Zak Starkey (b.1965). Maureen had a lot of joys in her life : her times at the Cavern, vacationing in the Caribbeans and all over the world, marrying Ringo, the birth of her children, her times at Sunny Heights, Montagu Square & Roundhill, family fun, the concerts, the events, the premieres, etc. but also some pain : the divorce, the cheating, the disease, etc. Maureen was a devoted wife, lover, mother & grandmother. She enjoyed life to the fullest. Even fans knew how special she was, saying if Ringo wants to go with her, then fine with me cause she seems like a sweet girl. Maureen would have gone a long way to keep her man & she even tried, stating she didn't want a divorce. In my opinion, Richard was the love of Maureen's life, while Isaac was more like a father, doting and caring.

She will be greatly miss and let's take this day to remember her.

Have a nice 2011 everybody !!

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