Scans from my dad's LP of Wings, Wild Life :) We can see Linda, Paul, Mary & Heather ! How sweet. And then various photos of Miss Cyn during her Mrs.Bassanini days. First off, a dance with Mr.Roberto himself and with famous friends Maurice (The Bee Gees) and Lulu Gibb (also good friends to Mo & Rings), second a trip to Pessaro, Italy in 1970 with mum Lilian and Jules ! Julian always said that Roberto felt more like a real father to him that John had ever had because he cared deeply about him. He even dedicated one of his albums to his ex step-father. Other is Cyn in the gardens and the last one of the Cyn ones is Cyn and her son with Ray Cooper, Elton Johns percusionist and a musician of talent who invited both of them, without knowing them at all, to sit at his table :) They became good friends afterwards :D !

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