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Wife of ''The Who''Drummer Keith Moon

Kim Kerrigan Moon McLagan, née Maryse Elizabeth Patricia Kerrigan, (born 30 December 1948 in Leicester, England; died 2 August 2006 in Travis County, Texas) was a model during the 1960s; she later became a cosmetologist. She was Keith Moon's wife from 1966 until 1975, although they separated in 1973.Young Patsy Kerrigan (she disliked her other two names) grew up in Malaysia, on her family's rubber plantation, and in various African countries as well. When her family moved back to London she began her modelling career and changed her name to Kim Kerrigan due to having a similar sounding name, as well as closely resembling, Pattie Boyd.

She met Keith Moon, drummer with The Who, at a concert in Bournemouth. The couple married in March 1966 after Kim became pregnant. Their daughter Amanda Jane (Mandy) was born four months later. The marriage was very turbulent; Moon forced Kerrigan to give up her modelling career and was often violently abusive towards her, breaking her nose three times, throwing objects such as broken bottles at her and even chasing Kerrigan around their large house with a shotgun as if it were a game. She left him in 1973, tired of the situation. She took Mandy with her to live in Ian McLagan's house, with whom she was having an affair, and divorced Moon in 1975, who had been dating Annette Walter-Lax since 1974. When Kim at last left him, his jealousy towards his wife was powerful enough that Moon was even prepared to pay someone to break the fingers of Faces/Rolling Stones keyboardist Ian "Mac" McLagan who became Kim's boyfriend after the marital break-up. It was not until a month after Moon's death that the two married. Kerrigan married McLagan, former keyboard player for the Faces, on 9 October 1978, one month after Moon's death.

The couple moved to Texas in 1994 (The man with the grey hair in the photos is Ian McLagan). Kim McLagan worked for several years at a spa resort on Lake Austin before opening her own skin care salon on Highway 71 between Bastrop and Smithville, Texas. She died on  August 2nd 2006 in a traffic accident in Travis County, Texas, aged 57. Her car was hit by a truck and she was pronounced dead at the scene. She is survived by husband Ian McLagan, daughter Amanda (Mandy) Jane Moon DeWolf and granddaughters Jessica and Samantha.

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