(Most photos from Lizzie Bravo's Picasa Web Albums, First picture from Meet The Beatles For Real Blogspot & second from CynthiaPowellLennon Yahoo ! Group)


Dolly Rocker Girl said...

AMAZING beyond words! I especially love the first one - Linda was so beautiful. And it was a real special treat to see the uncropped version of the photo with George talking to Jane and Paul. Every other version that I've seen, Hayley is always cropped out for some reason.

Anyways, I hadn't commented over here in a while, but jujst so you know my love for Beatle girls (and this site!) hasn't wavered a bit :)


Women Of The Beatles said...

Glad you like em :) Yes I try to find some rare ones !! Thanks again for the award :D your blog is fab too ! Thank you for taking a look around & for the comment, I missed reading some lolll :( xoxo