(Photos from Barbara-Bach.com, via LeeParkinStarkey.piczo.com, text from LeeParkinStarkey.piczo.com)

Augusto Gregorini (Count Augusto Gregorini) is an Italian businessman (born c. 1937), industrialist, producer . He met his future wife model and actress Barbara Bach in New York while she worked as a model and he was visiting from Italy for a business trip in 1966. Barbara followed him to Italy to be with him. In 1968, when she was 18, they married. Bach moved with him to Rome where she soon adapted to a new way of living: "He was 10 years older than me and he was from a wonderful family…Living in another country for 10 years, speaking their language, I almost had a completely different identity." They had 2 children, Francesca (b. 7th August 1968) and Gianni Andrea (b. 1972). Gianni suffered from Cerebral Palsy. His wealthy father paid for a corrective operation in America, at the time the best treatment money could buy. In 1975, Barbara and Augusto Gregorini separated when she moved to Los Angeles, California. The couple divorced in 1978, sharing custody of their 2 children. Barbara later married drummer Ringo Starr, whom she met on the set of their movie, Caveman. Francesca went on to date Portia de Rossi (who is now married to Ellen Degeneres).

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