The Plastic Joy Award was given to me by Dolly Rocker Girl, you must know her blog since it's kind of REALLY amazing, ya know. The Plastic Joy Award is a fun little thing where a blogger selects five or more characters from film or television who they would most like to smush smush with (as would say Snooki from Jersey Shore). So here are my five characters :
1- Jeff Conaway as Kenickie in Grease (1978)
Okay I am absolutely sorry but fuck John Travolta in this movie cause he ain't got nothing on Jeff Conaway !
I used to listen to this movie in french (cause it's my first language) but his accent in english is just out of this world. Sandy & Dany Zucko's story is very lovey-dovey all right, but Rizzo & Kenickie's is a lot more real and a lot cooler in my opinion :) Plus, Rizzo is a bad ass chick :)
2- Shad ''Bow Wow'' Gregory Moss as Xavier ''X'' Smith in Roll Bounce (2005)

I think that sometimes, I'm still a school girl (btw I'm 20 years old LOL), because I always loved Bow Wow and still do. Yeah, it's rap for chicks I know. Yeah wtf you love the Beatles & you love Bow Wow. I know that too lol. & in this movie about roller skating in the 70s, he has a mini afro, just like MJ :) Plus, he has a killer smile. And I have to admit that I like his swagger :) He's just sweet in this movie !

3 - Chris Kattan as Doug Butabi in A Night at the Roxbury (2008)

Do I have a mental problem for thinking that he's hot ? LOL. His ethnicy is so mixed, his dad is a Jew from Irak while his mom a Buddhist from Hungary :O. I don't know why I find him hot in this movie, because he's funny maybe ? But then so is Will Ferrell, and I don't fnd him hot 0.o LOL

4- François Chénier as Carl Charest in Radio Enfer (1995-2000)

So I'm cheating a bit here, because it's a character from TV but the actor did play in lot of movies so it's alrite (right ?). You probably don't know him because he's french canadian, from Montreal, Quebec (where I'm from). His character is a high school student and he is the president of the school's radio. His real life brother was my teacher :)

5 - Percy Romeo Miller as Benny in Honey (2003)

Okay okay I was 13. Give me a chance ;). Anyway, Romeo looks like Bow Wow ! I don't know, it's the way he carries himself, the way he talks and dance I guess !

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