60s articles. From Loufar4 (Ebay), he sells the best 60s magazines, I swear !

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Alexis said...

Hello my woman of the Beatles!
Ahh I definitely need to check out your tumblr, I bet it's a gem (if your site is any indication, then it'll be fab!) I'm really terrible at Tumblr so I don't know how to make it 'ask a question' :( but if you DO have a question or something, feel free to send it to my email: thedollyrockergirl@yahoo.com

I can't believe that anyone would write mean comments on your site! I've had it happen before, but mainly because something I had written was misinterpreted and there was an all-out attack against me. But why would they write mean things to you? (Though maybe it's one of those things where remember with Cyn and Mo, Pattie and Jane, and girls would literally try to beat them up because they were dating a Beatle? Same mentality! They're jealous that you have a FABULOUS site! But if I ever notice it happening, I'll kick some e-butt and make them shake in their boots! That's just not alright to do !