Here's a nice message I received (on my Tumblr) about Beatle-Girls.com. It made me really happy, so I'm sharing it with you guys :) This is the kind of message that makes me forget about the haters & gives me energy to continue this blog. Once again, thank you so much !

OMG! You run that [www.beatle-girls.com] ?! Thank you ! I have it under my favorites and visit that page everyday! I'm just so excited because now I have someone to thank! Thank you so much for having that website! I follow the Beatles girls style, so I reference to your blog all the time! It is so beautiful and the header is just wonderful! I love looking at all the photos and new photos that I have never seen before! Pattie Boyd, Maureen Starkey, and Cynthia Lennon are my fashion icons! Whenever I want to put my hair up like one of them, I visit your site and look for a hairstyle that'll match my 60s/70s clothing. I even try to find clothes like the ones they are wearing! Plus, seeing them with the guys if such a treat too. :) Just thank you so much! Sorry if this keeps going on, but that website has had a regular visitor for years now! I could talk forever about them! All the info along with the pictures is just great too! Oh my stars! I just love it and I want to say thank you again. peace and love from a happy lady :D

- The Lost Brit (Tumblr)


Diane said...

Everything she said and more! I love your blog!!! I'm always amazed at the great photos/clips/articles you find. Please, please, please don't ever stop!

Mell said...

The same!I REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG! It's cool find photos of my idols that I haven't seen before :) thank you :DD

Women Of The Beatles said...

Well thanks to you guys ! If I didn't have any readers, continuing this blog would be pointless ! Thank you for your support & kind words, I really appreciate it ! :) xoxo