(Contrary to popular belief, this girl is NOT Maureen Cox)
Girl Trades Beatle Kiss for Medal
A teen-aged Manhattan girl who inadvertently stole Ringo Starr’s religious medal returned it yesterday and her reward was paid off in kisses. “I’ve had it a long time,” Starr said as he retrieved his St. Christopher medal from Angie McGowan, 16. The medal is a Catholic religious symbol denoting protection form danger while traveling.”My auntie gave it to me, ” Starr explained. “It’s very small, but it means a lot to me.” Angie said she was trying to steal a kiss from Ringo in an early morning crush, was jolted back by the crowd and came away with the medal. When Starr proffered a kiss of gratitude on Angie’s cheek, photographers prevailed upon him to repeat it a score of times. Angie acquiesced gracefully. The Beatle Paul McCartney happened into the room and added his own kiss on Angie’s cheek.”It was just wonderful,” sighed the blissful teenager. “Gee, I wish I could have met the other two.” [x]

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