Who is your favorite Beatle couple & why ? :)

- Cynthia Powell & John Lennon
- Jane Asher & Paul McCartney
- Maureen Cox & Ringo Starr
- Pattie Boyd & George Harrison
- Nancy Andrews & Ringo Starr
- Linda Eastman & Paul McCartney
- Barbara Bach & Ringo Starr
- Yoko Ono & John Lennon
- Olivia Arias & George Harrison
- Heather Mills & Paul McCartney
- Nancy Shevell & Paul McCartney


Diane said...

Linda Eastman & Paul McCartney - I think they had a real partnership, deep love for each other. I always tell my husband I hoped he loved me the way Paul loved Linda!

Anonymous said...

I have to go with Paul and Linda. They were true soulmates. Their personalities were so similar and they weren't just husband and wife- they were best friends.

Ringo and Maureen are an honorable mention as well. They were really cute together and you can sense the chemistry that radiated between the two.

Nawel said...

Paul and Nancy Mccartney I love the fact that at an old age Paul found someone who loves and take care of him.

Anonymous said...

For me there are several, but my favourites are Paul and Jane, because in the 1960s they atended to both music and film/stage events and this is culture!

I also love Ringo and Barbara :) So many years together and you can still view their love :)

Violet www.janeasher.webs.com

Grace S said...

Ugh such a long list... Why couldn't the boys just have stayed true to one person?? My fave is Jane and Paul... Awww