"Here's a fisheye. I love this one. My son Zak was about three here, and Jason had just been born. I'd left the band because I couldn't stand it anymore. Peter Sellers lent me his yacht, and we went off and had a holiday in Sardinia. That's when I wrote 'Octopus's Garden.' Jason was a baby, and Stella, the nanny, was holding him as we walked through this pool. She said to me, 'Take the baby,' so I took the baby, and she had an octopus wrapped around her leg! If it had been me, I would have tossed the baby and run, but she was so good. It's not going to kill you, but I wouldn't like to be somewhere and have something wrap itself around my leg! We took a photo of the octopus, and then I ended up writing a song about him." - Ringo

Photo & Quote from Ringo's book, Photograph, which is already sold out ! :O
Only 2,500 copies have been made.


Olivia said...

I got a copy!!!!

Women Of The Beatles said...

Woh you're super lucky :O but then again, you paid !