(Original + close-ups)
 1968, Pattie & George Harrison pose for a self portrait in their rose garden
at Kinfauns. "This is when George & I lived in a house in Esher, Surrey 
(*they lived there from 1965 to 1970, then moved to Friar Park). I had been waiting
all spring for these gorgeous roses to bloom, so I was absolutely thrilled they
all seemed to bloom at the same time"
- Pattie Boyd 


Ruminator said...

She has said that when she first saw George during the HDN shoot, "He was the handsomest man I had ever seen." He pursued her immediately, and The Times of London did a wonderful article on "George's lissome blonde."
Always thought she was stunning. Can't help but feel that their relationship, which was passionate, couldn't survive the stress of being inside the Beatle maelstrom. More even than his embrace of Hinduism. Like he said later of Beatle fans, "They gave us their worship, we gave them our nervous systems."
I have greater respect for a guy who loved with all his heart, first a woman, then God, than I do for his bandmates; one of whom maintained an apartment for the sole purpose of casual dalliances, the other who cheated on his wife with hundreds of girls and wrote beautiful songs about it.

Витий Мк said...

Looks more like 1969.