The Beatle Children

(Julian Lennon shown here with step brother Sean Ono Lennon, Cannes Festival 2009)




John Charles Julian Lennon (born 8 April 1963) is an English musician, songwriter, actor, and photographer. He was named John after his father & in honor of Charles Powell, his maternal grandfather, who died when Cynthia, his mom was a teenager (so he never knew him). He is the only son of John Lennon and Cynthia Powell¸ John Lennon's first wife & high school sweetheart. The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein was  his godfather, but he overdosed in 1967, when Julian was only 4. He has a younger half-brother, Sean Ono Lennon, son of John & John's second wife, Japanese artist Yoko Ono. He was named after his paternal grandmother, Julia Lennon, who died by being hit by a car after spending some time at Mimi's, John's aunt & tutor. He is friends with his father's former bandmate, Paul McCartney (he is shown on several pictures with him) and often stated that Paul had been more of a father to him than John had ever been. Julian Lennon was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Initially, the fact that John Lennon was married and had a child was concealed from the public, in keeping with the conventional wisdom of the era that female teenage fans would not be as enamoured of married male pop stars. That's why Cynthia, his mother, remained a secret to the public and stayed almost alone, caring for her baby. However, when the British media discovered that John Lennon was a married father, his popularity remained very high & Cyn & Jules were included in that popularity. Lennon directly inspired one of his father's most famous songs, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", whose lyrics describe a picture the boy had drawn, a watercolour painting of his friend Lucy O'Donnell from preschool) surrounded by stars. When he was five, Lennon's parents divorced, following his father's infidelity with Yoko Ono. Paul McCartney wrote "Hey Jude" to console him over the divorce; originally called "Hey Jules", McCartney changed the name because he thought "Jude" was an easier name to sing. At first, John originally thought the song was for him... Lennon had almost no contact with his father after the divorce, until the early 1970s, at the instigation of his father's then girlfriend May Pang (who became a great friend of Cynthia). Julian began to see his father more regularly, who bought him a Gibson Les Paul guitar and a drum machine for Christmas in 1973, and encouraged his interest in music by showing him some chords.He made his musical debut at age 11 on his father's album Walls and Bridges playing drums on "Ya-Ya", later saying, "Dad, had I known you were going to put it on the album, I would've played much better!"He was not included in John Lennon's will, and was annoyed that he had to buy mementos of his father at auctions. Yoko gave him some commercial stuff, like cups & gave him worthless guitars that belonged to his father. A settlement was eventually reached wherein Julian was given "a large but undisclosed sum". By 2009 Lennon's feelings toward his father had mellowed. Recalling his renewed relationship with his father in the mid-1970s, he said,"Dad and I got on a great deal better then. We had a lot of fun, laughed a lot and had a great time in general when he was with May Pang. My memories of that time with Dad and May are very clear—they were the happiest time I can remember with them."Lennon has been quoted as having a "cordial" relationship with Ono while getting along very well with her son, his half-brother Sean, even spending time together on Sean's tour in 2007.


Seán Taro Ono Lennon (Japanese: 小野太郎, born October 9, 1975) is an American  singer of Japanese descendance (on his mother's side), songwriter, musician, guitarist and actor. He is the only son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. His godfather is famous singer, musician and piano player, Elton John. Seán Lennon was born in New York City on October 9, 1975, on his father's 35th birthday. Julian Lennon is his half-brother (Cynthia Powell, John's first wife, is his mother) and Kyoko Chan Cox (Tony Cox, Yoko's ex husband is her dad) is his half-sister. After Sean's birth, John became a house husband, doting on his young son until his murder in 1980 & almost forgetting about music, except for his comeback with Double Fantasy. Sean was educated at the exclusive private boarding school Institut Le Rosey in Rolle, Switzerland, and earlier at New York's private Ethical Culture Fieldston School and Dalton School. He later attended Columbia University, though only for three semesters before dropping out to focus on his music career (like his big brother). His parents did not force him into the life of a musician: they intentionally hid their musical lives from their son. His debut into the music world came at the age of five, reciting a story on his mother's 1981 album Season of Glass. From childhood into his teen years, Sean continued to collaborate with his mother, contributing vocals and receiving production credit on her solo albums It's Alright (I See Rainbows), Starpeace and Onobox. At 16 Sean co-wrote the song "All I Ever Wanted" with Lenny Kravitz for his 1991 album Mama Said. By 1995 Sean had formed the band IMA (with Sam Koppelman and Timo Ellis) to play alongside his mother on her album Rising. Sean also made appearances in film, featured in the cast of Michael Jackson's 1988 Moonwalker (he was a great friend of Michael) and portraying a teenager experiencing visions of various M. C. Escher paintings in Sony's 1990 promotional short-film Infinite Escher.


Heather Louise McCartney (née See; born December 31, 1962) was born in Tucson, Arizona to Linda McCartney (née Eastman) and Joseph Melville See Jr., an American geologist & College friend of Linda. She was later adopted by Paul McCartney. McCartney's parents divorced after only eighteen months of marriage (in 1965), because See had taken off for Africa and expected his wife and daughter to follow. Linda See refused, and sent a letter to her husband stating that she wanted a divorce. After raising her daughter on her own in New York City for several years, Linda McCartney married Paul McCartney of The Beatles in 1969, when her daughter was six years old (Little Heather attended the wedding). That same year, Heather was formally adopted by Paul McCartney through legal process (and prior consent from See, her biological father) and took the McCartney name. Also in 1969, McCartney appeared in the last Beatles movie, Let It Be. She has stated that although See had a lifelong influence on her, she considers Paul McCartney to be her father. A sister, Mary, was born in 1969, followed by another sister, Stella, in 1971 and a brother, James, in 1977. Heather's former stepmother Heather Mills is five years younger than she is. None of the McCartney children were very fond of that new Heather. She has a much younger half-sister, Beatrice Milly McCartney, born to Paul McCartney and Heather Mills on October 28, 2003. Beginning shortly after the birth of Stella in 1971, McCartney and her siblings accompanied their famous parents around the world with their successful rock group Wings. This continued until 1980 when the band stopped touring. She has said that, as a child, she had trouble forming friendships with other children and had difficulty fitting in; she has also said she did not do well in school.With encouragement from her mother, she took up printing at the Photographers' Workshop in Covent Garden, and was talented enough to win the Young Black and White Printer of the Year Award in Ilford for a photo she called "Waterfall." Her success encouraged her to go on to art college, where she discovered a talent for pottery and design.During the early 1980s, Heather McCartney dated musician Billy Idol.In her twenties, Heather McCartney was hospitalized in a clinic for treatment of an emotional disorder. A few years after her release, she traveled to Mexico with very little money and spent several months living among natives of the Huichol and Tarahumara tribes. She felt liberated by this experience.Later, McCartney moved to Arizona to live with See, where she became even more interested in ceramics. She later returned to England to work as a potter. Her pottery is now famous and critically acclaimed in the United Kingdom.In 1995, McCartney's mother Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer and died on April 17, 1998, in Tucson, Arizona. Heather, the other children & Paul were all at her bedside. To date, McCartney remains a prominent potter and designer, with exhibitions in New York City, Phoenix, Tokyo, Paris and Sydney, and has been described by Wedgewood as "one of Britain's most exciting new talents." In 1999, Heather unveiled a line of houseware products in Atlanta, Georgia called the Heather McCartney Houseware Collection. She was accompanied by Paul McCartney. In line with the beliefs of her parents, and siblings, Heather has interests in ecology, animal rights and native peoples.Currently, Heather McCartney lives on Paul McCartney's Sussex estate in England, where she maintains a low profile and continues to work as a potter.
(Mary McCartney at the Elle Style Awards 2009)

Mary Anna McCartney (before : Donald) is a photographer. The first biological child of rock photographer Linda Eastman McCartney and Paul McCartney of The Beatles, Mary was named after her paternal grandmother, Mary McCartney, who died when Paul was a young boy.The most famous photograph of Mary McCartney was taken by her mother; it is a photograph of her as a baby, peeking out from inside her father's jacket. The photograph is featured on the back cover of her father's first solo album, McCartney (sometimes known as the "cherries" album). After the birth of  baby sister Stella, McCartney's parents formed the classic rock group Wings, with whom she and her siblings travelled the globe until 1980. She grew up to be a vegetarian (like her mom) and is passionate about animal rights like the rest of her family. She has stated that she values friendship and trust, takes pride in her children, and enjoys nature, roller coasters, the fashion of the Roaring Twenties, chocolate and the scent of lavender. Following in the footsteps of her famous photographer mother, McCartney became a professional photographer. In 1995, Mary McCartney's brother James introduced her to director and television producer Alistair Donald. After dating for three years, they set a wedding date for May 1998. Upon the death of her mother, the wedding was delayed and McCartney and Donald were married on 26 September 1998. On 3 April 1999, McCartney gave birth to Paul McCartney's first grandchild, Arthur Alistair Donald, making Paul the second Beatle grandfather (the first was Ringo Starr with Zak's daughter Tatia Jane in...1985 !!). The Donalds' second son, Elliot Donald, was born on 1 August 2002. For most of their married life, the couple lived in Lauderdale Mansions South in Maida Vale, London. In April 2005, the couple announced their separation, but stated that the separation was only temporary and that they wished to reconcile for the sake of their two sons.Although there was no public confirmation of a divorce, by 2007 she had dropped the surname Donald and returned to using her birth name professionally.On 11 August 2008, Mary gave birth to Sam Aboud, her first child with director and boyfriend Simon Aboud.On 12 June 2010, McCartney and Aboud were married in a private ceremony in London at the Marylebone Registry Office-the same location where her parents were wed in 1969 (she was not present). Her children were in attendance, but the wedding was kept secret and her father and siblings were not present.

Stella Nina McCartney was born in Lambeth, London on 13 September 1971, the second biological child of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and Lady Linda Louise Eastman. She doesn't need any presentation whatsoever : she is famous for her wonderful designs all over the world. She is named after her maternal great-grandmothers: both of Linda McCartney's grandmothers were named Stella. As a young girl, McCartney travelled the globe with her parents and their pop group Wings, along with her siblings: older sister Heather (who was legally adopted by Paul McCartney), older sister Mary, and younger brother James. According to her father, the name of Wings was inspired by Stella's difficult birth. As his daughter was being born by emergency caesarean section, Paul sat outside the operating room and prayed that she be born "on the wings of an angel." Wings toured from shortly after her birth in 1971 until 1980. Despite their fame, the McCartneys wanted their children to lead as normal a life as possible, so Stella and her siblings attended local state schools in East Sussex, one of them being Bexhill College. McCartney has said that while attending state school, she was a victim of bullying, as well as being a bully herself. In 2001, McCartney resigned from Chloé (the Designer she worked and interned at) in order to enter into an eponymous joint venture with Gucci. The line has four stores; one in New York City which opened September 2002, one in Mayfair, London, which opened April 2004, one in Los Angeles which she opened on her birthday in September 2005 and included an expansion into the perfume market, and most recently one in Hong Kong, which opened in 2008. In 2009, Stella launched a store in Paris in the heart of the Jardins du Palais Royal. Stella McCartney received the VH1/Vogue Designer of the Year award in 2000. Paul McCartney presented the award to his daughter. She thanked him in her acceptance speech and dedicated the award to her late mother. In 2000, McCartney designed Madonna's (who became a great friend) wedding dress for her marriage to Guy Ritchie. McCartney married British publisher Alasdhair Willis on 30 August 2003 in a private Catholic chapel at Mount Stuart House, the ancestral home of the Marquess of Bute on the Isle of Bute, Scotland. McCartney's wedding dress was an updated version of her mother's wedding dress from her March 1969 marriage ceremony to Paul McCartney. She designed the dress with Tom Ford, her boss at Gucci. The service was attended by Gwyneth Paltrow, Liv Tyler, Pierce Brosnan, and Madonna. Their second child, daughter Bailey Linda Olwyn Willis, was born on 8 December 2006 oz.Stella gave birth to her second son and third child Beckett Robert Lee Willis on 8 January 2008. Her second daughter, Reiley Dilys Stella Willis, was born on 23 November 2010. All four of her children were born in London. 
(With Yoko Ono at the Meat Free Launch, London 2009)

James Louis McCartney (born 12 September 1977) is a British musician, songwriter and sculptor, living in London. He was named in honor of his paternal grandfather, Jim McCartney, whose real birth name was James Paul McCartney (just like Paul). He is the only son of songwriter and former Beatle Paul McCartney and Paul's first wife, rock photographer and animal rights activist Linda McCartney. His first EP, Available Light, was released on 21 September 2010.  He played guitar and drums on some of his father's solo albums, including Flaming Pie (1997) and Driving Rain (2001), as well as co-writing a few songs. On Flaming Pie, he has an electric guitar solo on the track "Heaven on a Sunday." On Driving Rain, he co-wrote the songs "Spinning On An Axis" and "Back In The Sunshine Again" with his father, and played percussion on the former track and guitar on the latter. He also plays lead guitar on his mother's posthumously released solo album, Wide Prairie. Being a musician he accompanied Paul during his "'US' Tour, in 2005. James McCartney made his US performing debut 14 November 2009 at the Fairfield Arts & Convention Center, during the Fourth Annual David Lynch Weekend for World Peace and Meditation in Fairfield, Iowa. James is also a vegan and lives a relatively private life, on the contrary of his two sisters, Mary & Stella.

(Zak, Lee & Jason at Maureen's wedding to Isaac Tigrett)
(Lee, Zak, his girlfriend & Augusta)

Augusta King Tigrett is the daughter of Isaac Tigrett, founder of the Hard Rock Café & of the House of Blues, and of Maureen Cox (formerly Starkey), former wife of The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr. Augusta was born in 1987, when Maureen was 40 years old and already a grandma to Zak's daughter, Tatia Jane (born in 1985, Zak was 20 years old). Her parents married in 1989. She was really close with her maternal grandma, Florence Cox, who raised her with Isaac after Maureen's death. She was about 7 or 8 when Maureen died in 1994. Actor Dan Aykroyd is her godfather. (Most of the info was found on The Beatles Children website, run by Jeannette Caserta. Thank you !)



Countess Francesca McKnight Donatella Gregorini Di Savignano Di Romagna, born in Rome, Italy, August 7, 1968) is an Italian-American singer and songwriter and film director. Born in Rome, Italy, she is the daughter of former Bond girl Barbara Bach and businessman Count Augusto Gregorini. Francesca was born and raised until the age of 8 in Rome, Italy. There, she lived in a huge four-story converted church, and attended the Sacred Heart School run by nuns. In 1976, her parents divorced after 10 years of marriage. Barbara moved to the United States while Augusto remained in Italy, both of them managed to arranged custody of Francesca and her younger brother Gianni. Francesca attended public school in Los Angeles. She remembers: "It was awful. I was this all-Italian child and I hardly spoke English. I felt as if I'd landed on another planet. I'd left a gorgeous school and ended up in a public school in Los Angeles. I was getting into fistfights and being bullied. It was a nightmare. That's when my shyness kicked in. I started to feel isolated and alone.". In 1980, Barbara met and fell in love with The Beatles drummer Ringo Starr on the set of the movie, "Caveman". In December of that same year, while her mother and Starr were away on a holiday, Francesca called them to inform them that Ringo's former bandmate, John Lennon, was killed in New York City. Bach and Starr went straight to New York to console Yoko Ono and her son, Sean Lennon. On April 27, 1981, Starr and Bach were married. Francesca and Starr's daughter from a previous marriage, Lee Starkey, served as bridesmaids. The first ten years of Starr and Bach's marriage - a decade of drugs and drink - left the troubled teenager feeling isolated and abandoned. Much of this time was spent in Britain at Tittenhurst Park on 80 acres (320,000 m2) of land near Ascot which, she says, gave her 'a lifelong love of the English countryside'. Francesca continued on The American School In England, a day/boarding school in Surrey, England. "When I was living with them, it was their drugs heyday. I had other friends who were rocks stars and their houses were used for parties morning, noon and night. With Rich and Mum it was different. They were very much in love and they wanted nothing to do with anybody else. When Mum met Rich, I lost her in a way. But their troubles made me a better academic. I studied all the time. I was always hidden away in a room reading because Mum and Dad were out of it. I think Mum and Rich made an effort to be awake when we got home.Seeing the drugs up close had the opposite effect on me: I rebelled against them at first. The house had a recording studio and that was my refuge." She attended Brown University, a prestigious college in Rhode Island, to study film and in 1990 she graduated of Theater Arts and Semiotics: "It was so strange leaving England and going to America. Again, it was music which held me together. I played in various bands, and I enjoyed it. I had a release for my frustrations.". Throughout her twenties, she battled her own drug demons: "At Brown, I had my fair share of drugs and alcohol. I experimented. But there was always something in my brain which contained it. When I came to LA, I carried on doing drugs. I lost a lot of my twenties to drugs in the same way Rich and Mum lost years.". Gregorini is an out lesbian. She once stated "I was a tomboy until I was 18. I had boyfriends, but I never understood the whole hoopla about sex. I could take it or leave it. I never quite figured out the virtues of "The D". Then, when I discovered girls, I was like 'Aha, now I get it!'. I was 19 years old. I knew I was a lesbian. I'm ready to be a homebody and be a parent". From late 2001 to December 2004 she dated Australian actress Portia de Rossi. They got engaged in 2003, but their relationship ended in late 2004. Gregorini now lives in Los Angeles. She contributed two songs for See Jane Run. She worked as a musician with her first CD “Sequel” (2003, Ptolomea Records), where she sang, played the guitar and the bass. Francesca and Tatiana von Furstenberg, co-wrote and co- directed the independent film Tanner Hall, a coming of age story set in an all girls boarding school in Rhode Island, which is loosely based on their own experiences during adolescence. “Naturally there are some autobiographical elements, combined with things weʹd witness in boarding school, and many other parts that we made up completely. You will certainly find characteristics of both of us in each of the 4 main girls and if you spend even a half hour with us, it will be very apparent to you, which girls are most like me and which ones are most like Tatiana”, said Gregorini in an interview. She is writing the pilot episode of "Motel Novella" with Joe and Anthony Russo who also will develop the one-hour series for HBO.
(September 14, 2009. Olivia Harrison, Marjorie Bach, Gianni Gregorini & Barbara Bach at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada)
Count Gian Andrea Gregorini de Savingniano di Romagnia, born in Rome, Italy in 1972, is the son (& second child) of of count Augusto Gregorini & Bond-girl Barbara Bach. Barbara had a difficult delivery; the umblical cord was wrapped tightly around his neck and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. After numerous operations, Gianni turned out healthy and fine. When he was four years old, his parents divorced. Augusto remained in Italy while Barbara moved to California to further her acting career and they shared custody of Gianni and his sister, Francesca. On April 27, 1981, Gianni attended his mother's wedding to Ringo Starr. Gianni is now a business man, working for his father and having a private life while establishing a close relationship with Barbara, Ringo, and the family.
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Katie Geraldine Scarfe (born in 1974) is the daughter (& first child) of British actress Jane Asher & British cartoonist and illustrator Gerald Anthony Scarfe. Her parents were married on September 13, 1981, but met in 1971 at a party. Afterwards, they became lovers, which resulted in Katie's birth. Katie Scarfe is an actress.


Alexander Scarfe (known as Alex Scarfe, born in 1981) is the second child of Jane Asher & Gerald Scarfe. He is their first son. When Jane married Gerald Scarfe, she was expecting her second child, Alexander.

Rory Scarfe (born in 1984) is Jane & Gerald Scarfe's third child & second son.

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