Beatles Anthology

1968 Rishikesh, I received the Beatles Anthology for my bday and made a few screen caps...There's a whole chapter dedicated to their time in India.
First : I especially love this one. Maureen and Ringo strolling.
Second : Jane walking with Mr.Lennon himself and the Maharishi (not shown on this picture).
Third : Cyn (far left), Ringo and Mo relaxing in the sun
Fourth : Group picture. Jane why are you crying ? lol
Fifth : Again


premierludwig said...

ohhh, I love these! Well done for the screencaps!

womenofthebeatles said...

Ah thank you :) They're good quality for screencaps lol !

Vison said...

Second picture from the top I love. There's this girl I know who looks JUST LIKE JANE no joke and it's especially in that picture it comes out.