No more annoying tags !! lol (thanks to Senti for sweetly giving me one without any tags at all). Anyway, second picture is Ringo getting kissed by loads of female fans. Thought it was funny because they say : ''Behind Maureen's back''. Actually, Chris O'Dell said Maureen was REALLY protective of her marriage. First picture is a very beautiful picture of Cyn (with John), given to me by my new youtube friend, Katie. Big thanks to her :)


premierludwig said...

I'm sure one of us must have the John& Cyn pic somewhere. I'll look around. The other one I've cleaned up a bit for you as I don't like those girls very muc so I don't save pics of that "incident".

They wrote a kiss&tell on Ringo in about the 80s (a friend of mine had a copy in one of her many zillions of scrabooks) and when you tie the details in that together with Ringo's Howerd Stern interview you find out those were the "two at once" girls. Which is only mildly irritating... and then you realise that the black swimsuit one of them is wearing is identical to the swimsuit Mo wears in the Tobago pictures. If I ever discover that Ringo bought a matching swimsuit for Mo after that incident I may have to go thump him.


womenofthebeatles said...

You mean Ringo cheated on Maureen with those girls ? Sick...I might as well just hate them right now

premierludwig said...

Well, he wasn't married at the time and as you can see women were *literally* throwing themselves at him.

I think Maureen kind of knew it came with the territory a bit, but she still had a right to be treated with respect.