Do you remember when John was shot : No, I wasn’t even alive hee hee
What Beatle song is your favorite : I have a soft spot for Girl but I like a lot of them, of course.
Is there ANYTHING you dislike about the Beatles? Yoko :D
Do you like Yoko : Not at all
Have you ever seen the Beatles perform : Only on YouTube, eh.
What album was your first one : The White Album, my dad used to put it on all the time when we were on the road to go skiing
From a scale of 1-10 do you think you know the Beatles well : I’d say I’m a 8-9, depends on who you compare yourself to
Do you only listen to Beatle music : No, I like a lot of genres : R&B, Rap, Motown, Pop, Oldies, etc
What other music do you listen to? : My other favorites are Michael Jackson & The Jacksons
What is your favorite kind of music  : Mmh I don’t have a favorite kind, I’m very versatile
If you could meet Paul and could ask one question, what would it be : How was Maureen like ? :)
Do you still miss/mourn John & George : I wish they were still alive, that’s for sure. When George died, I remember that my dad took out his photo from The White Album booklet and put it somewhere we could all see it. He was his favorite beatle.
Have you seen Paul in concert : No, though he did come in july to the Bell Center lol
Have you ever written stories about the Beatles : No
Have you ever gone to sleep listening to the Beatles : Sure did lol
Which is your favorite, the early Beatles or later Beatles : Early
If you could change anything about the Beatles what would it be : I wish they would have all stayed with their first wife :)
How many books have you read about the Beatles : Too many to count !
Have you ever dreamed about the Beatles : I don’t think so lol
What do you think of today’s music next to the Beatles music : You can’t really compare, the Beatles are legends
Who is your favourite, and why : Ringo. He was just very funny, down to earth. I love his sarcastic sense of humor. To me, he was the glue that held the Beatles together.
Is there a fifth Beatle, in your opinion : No.
Favourite Beatle wife : Maureen Cox Starkey
Favourite Beatle kid : Stella McCartney
Favourite character from a Beatles song : None
Do you know the words to most of them by heart : Yes, most of them !
Do you have a signature Beatles song : Ob-la-di-ob-bla-da, it is my grandma's favorite
Favourite album : Mmh they all have a special something
Do you own all of their albums : Missing : Sergent Pepper, Rubber Soul, Revolver, Magical Mystery Tour & Yellow Submarine
American albums or British albums : British, of course. The original is always better
Records or CDs : Well I only have cds lol
Best album cover : Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Favourite Beatles movie : I only watched A Hard Day’s Night so far...:(
Have you seen all of their movies : No
Best Beatles year for music: 1963-1970
Best Beatles year for looks: 1957-1966 (Before they all grew horrible beards, especially George & John)
How many posters of the Beatles are in your room : None. But I do have 11 pictures of Maureen though
How many shirts do you have : None & I want one so bad !
Ringo Starr or Pete Best : Ringo, duuuh.
Brian Epstein or George Martin : Eppy !
Linda McCartney or Heather Mills: Well Linda of course
Yellow Submarine or Octupus’s Garden : Octopus's Garden ! I love that song
Hey Jude or Julia :  Both

What do you think about…
Heather Mills : Mmh. I like her a tad bit better than Yoko I think, but I don't really care
Yoko Ono : Enough said


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