[ ] you were raised by someone other than your parents.

[ ] you have step siblings.

[ ] you get in trouble a lot at school.

[x] your birthday is in october.

[ ] you love elvis.

[x] you like cats more than dogs.

[x] you wear glasses.

[ ] your favorite color is green.

[ ] you hate the dark.

total: 3

[ ] one of your parents died when you were young.

[x] you are the oldest child in your family.

[x] you do well in school.

[ ] your favorite color is blue (one of them).

[ ] you are fairly quiet.

[ ] you are tall.

[ ] you are conventional.

[ ] you are a vegetarian.

[ ] you were born in june.

[ ] you had sex at the age of 15 or younger.

total: 2

[x] your parents are still together.

[ ] you are the youngest child in your family.

[ ] you don’t do very well in school.

[ ] you were born in february.

[ ] you love gummy bears.

[ ] you are religious.

[ ] you are younger than most/all of your friends.

[ ] your favorite color is purple.

[ ] you are shy.

[ ] you are mysterious.

total: 1

[ ] your parents separated when you were young.

[ ] you are an only child.

[ ] you get sick a lot.

[ ] you were born in july.

[ ] you are one of the oldest of your friends.

[ ] you are picky about your food.

[ ] you really like your independence.

[x] you have blue eyes.

[ ] your favorite color is red.

[x] you are short.

total: 2

I'm a Mr. Johnny, it seems. How about you ?


honeyboney said...

george ... which is kinda weird, but we´re both born pisces so maybe that figures... second comes ringo :D

Anonymous said...

For me, it's a tie between George and Paul; five for both. Ringo had two and John had none. Wierd...

Anonymous said...

I'm John and Ringo. Interesting combination.