(Photos cropped, Meditation 1967)

Mary ''Maureen'' Cox Starkey, later Tigrett, was Ringo's first wife BUT she also had an affair with George Harrison, another Beatle & husband to famous London 60s model Patricia Ann Boyd Harrison, known as Pattie Boyd. George was a known ladies man. Maureen claimed that they were only having a spiritual ''affair'' and that she felt they connected a lot on that level, says Chris O'Dell, friend to both Pattie & Maureen. Of course, Pattie would have none of it and so did the others. Maureen sometimes came late at night at Friar Park, the Harrisons estate. Pattie used to say what are you doing what about your children ? I'm going to bed. And Maureen said that she was going to the studio to see George. She spent several nights at the Harrisons. Pattie then phoned Ringo to tell him that every night he was asking hiself where his wife was, she was with George ! Once, Maureen & George were behind locked doors. Pattie knocked on the door and George answered, grinning, saying that Maureen had to lay down. Pattie was desperate. George had already cheated on her with a bevy of beauties, and sometimes in front of her in her own house. Then, during a tense night at the Starkeys, George proceeded to tell Ringo that he was in love with his wife. Ringo then said : Better you than someone we don't know. This was confirmed and told by Chris O'Dell, who was there, in her book, Miss O'Dell.

For more on this subject, I suggest you read Miss O'Dell, from Chris O'Dell.


Arwhen Trulove said...

no boundries...that was their problem

Arwhen Trulove said...

No boundries...that was their problem.