Beatle children : Zak, Lee & Jason at Maureen's wedding to Isaac Tigrett, Sean & Dhani goofing around, Zak & a friend (?) : they look like the modern-day version of Ringo & Maureen, Lee posing (photo from Tumblr). These photos have been added to the Beatle Children page (page is to your right).


Alexis said...

I have an unhealthy liking of Beatle children... I think they would all be disturbed by the fact that I've seen so many of their baby pictures (but I just can't stop myself!!)


Women Of The Beatles said...

Hahaha that's so cute !
These pictures are there for a reason I think lol you can look at them all you want ;)

Dolly the Bird said...

"You might have a drinking problem if...Ringo's son sits you down for a long talk about alcoholism."--my ex boyfriend

Guilty. ;)